Project partners

The consortium consists of three Small and Medium Sized Enteprises (SMEs) and three Research and Technological Development Performers (RTDPs). It is a unique combination with benefit for the SMEs using and developing technologies that is available or being developed at the RTDPs.

InteRNA Technologies, The Netherlands
InteRNA Technologies is a Dutch drug discovery and development company engaged in the development of novel breakthrough cancer therapies based on the unique functions of its proprietary miRNAs.

InnovaCentric, Belgium
InnovaCentric is a Belgian company providing know-how and support in the miRNA drug development process.

BioSpring, Germany
BioSpring is a German chemical company, which produces synthetic oligonucleotides in any quantity for all applications such as therapy, diagnostics, molecular biology and research and development.

VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
VU University Medical Center is an academic hospital with approximately 5,000 employees. Research at VUmc is organized in research institutes to improve quality of which that on cancer, the VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam, is among the two most important.

LPT Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Germany
LPT is one of Germany’s leading GLP-accredited laboratories dedicated to toxicity testing of, amongst others, nucleotide based drugs. LPT is an independent company established in 1960. They employ experienced technicians, office, and auxiliary staff and operate from a modern, 10,000 square meter facility in northern Germany.

Polymun Scientific, Austria
Polymun has unique know-how and technology for the development and manufacturing of liposomal formulations.